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Re: Sweden
De : Chantal
Email :
Pays : France / Native from Reunion
Date : 17 Aug 2005

Good evening to you !

I am from this beautiful island where you want to spend your holidays, and I was very surprised, like many people from there or people live there to read/see this information on TV/newspaper ! Oh my God ! This is terrible, because all around the world, people believe that Reunionese using DOGS (!!!!) as live bait at shark fishing !!!!!????????? Ok, but this just 10 people may be in an island where million people live !! For sure, we have to stop them, to stop this ! But, PLEASE, stop say that WE are ALL like this !!!
This island is very beautiful and there is just ONE reason : we are all live together !! So, now I'm going to translate for people who do not speak english

Voilà ma traduction (pour set i cause pa anglais) : Boug la i vé konèt si lé vrai ke tout réunionais i utiliz ti chien vivants po peche requin. Moin la voulu faire compren a li ke partou na domoun mové alors arèt pens ke nout tout lé kom sa !!!! et puis moin la dit ke au lieu de koz zafèr komsa, domoun en frans i devé pren nout péi pou in lexemple dan le monde : nout tout i viv en frèr si nout ti bout la tèr !

Voilà, ok

Hope that you will understand us ! Everywhere in the wotld there are things horrible....In France, there was no new news to talk about so...this was "exotic" for them ut they have to see what happened on thier own "earth" before checking in overseas department !