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De : Bodil Gruwberger
Email :
Pays : karlskrona
Date : 16 Aug 2005

Dear Sir/Madame,

We are planning a trip to La Réunion, but as we have recently been informed about an unbelievable atrocity taking place in your paradise, we would very much like to have some answers, before we decide if maybe we should choose the Seychelles instead.
Are you really using d-o-g-s as live bait at shark fishing?????????
All over Europe and the United States, this horrible information is spreading like a fire.......

We sincerely hope, that there is absolutely no truth whatsoever in this horrible animal barbary, as this will in that case make a deep impact on the tourism and international contacts of La Réunion.

yours respectfully
Bodil Gruwberger
Borgmästaregatan 22
37134 Karlskrona