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Des amis sont comme des roses
De : France Chorley
Email :
Pays : Angleterre
Date : 2 Jun 2004

Je cherche des amies dans l'ile de la Reunion


Friends are like Roses

To you who are still unknown to me, but whom I desire to know, I wish a Very Good Day.

I am a male, looking for girl pen pals for friendship in l’ile de la Reunion and elsewhere - just friendship, but good, honest and sincere friendship.

I was born in Mauritius (l’ile Maurice) but I have lived in England for a little over 42 years now.

I married and have two sons of 18 and 19 years old.

Friends are like Roses, some old, some new.

They help us in the worst of times by pulling us through.

We may not always agree, but I know in you I can confide.

Through thick and thin you are always by my side.

May this Day and Every Day, bring you peace, joy and happiness in your life – in a world that, despite new technology and deeper knowledge, seems to be getting worse and worse, where so many people are suffering so unnecessarily.

It seems to me that there are very few people in this world of ours who really are about other people.

I am nothing special, but I think that I am one of these people who care very much and with all my heart for others.

That is why I long and desire your friendship, which right now I lack. Please, please write to me from anywhere.

I am in love with classical music, operas and the music of the Strauss family and that of Franz Lehar, which I just love to conduct when I hear this kind of music, especially waltzes.

However, the fact that I love classical music and waltzes is not that important, because there are times that even music ceases to be a sanctuary for me; I need people, real people, who care about other human beings.

Apart from music and friendship, I also like to talk about sex.

My name is: France Chorley

My Email address is:

I am from: London, England

Thank you and kindest Regards.