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Re: SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR CELINE! Céline li ça encore une fois!
De : Ti'Caf
Email :
Pays : Renyon,France,Grece,Deutchland,United kingdom,Belgie,Brazil,EARTH!
Date : 5 Nov 2000

Dear Patricia,

I agree with your position concerning this affair. I really like your style also.
Howevere I wondered if it was not a mistake to talk to Celine in English. Indeed as a good French, proud of it, she became it's likely she will not catch the very meaning of your speech. This should be a matter of education, but I cont want to discuss about that now.

She might also be fluent in english, but to be sure your message is clear, I wondered whether you should not consider translating the main part next time.

I would like to translate the last sentence for you, unfortunately, my mother prevents me froms writing such words.

I hope Uncle Phil feels calm now, and I just would like to say that Celine's situation happens in every culture, in every country.
Indeed, you can meet some French girls in the UK, pretending French male are so meaningless that they prefer to enlighten their mind and speak the wonderful Shakespear's language, drinking stouts with some kind of better male, who's education lacks of burp lessons.

My point is: why the hell do people have to blame each other ?

Kom y di dann mo ti pei: Manz ma peye ! (sorry, no accents!)