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SPECIAL MESSAGE FOR CELINE! Céline li ça encore une fois!
De : Patricia
Email :
Pays : Reunion, Mauritius, Belgium, France, Spain, England, Sicily, Malta, ..
Date : 4 Nov 2000

Dear Céline,

Don't you know that you should keep your mouth shut when you know nothing at all? Education and success in life have no value if you don't know how to use your brain or at least your tongue in crucial moments.

I was deeply concerned when I read your message. For a moment, I thought that you lost your mind. Mais comme on dit la vérité blesse et je crois que j'ai touché le point sensible. Je suis sincèrement navrée.

Contrary to you, my dear friend (nous sommes toujours de bonnes amies, n'est-ce pas?) I went to university for a couple of years only. And to be honest with you, I think that it was a waste of time, don't you think so?
The only reason I'm writing this is because I want to tell you something very important: FUCK OFF, FUCK UP AND FUCK AROUND, IT'S TIME YOU TOUCH THE SKY! BUT PLEASE BE SURE IT'S NOT WITH MARRIED MEN (DON'T BE SO DESPERATE)!