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Date : 8 Sep 2000

Text extracted from the THE WILD MAN'S PEDIGREE by John Burke:

a. Wild Man. Four footed, mute hairy.

b. American. Copper coloured, choleric, erect. Hair black, straight, thick; nostrils wide; face harsh; beard scanty; obstinate, content, free. Paints himself with fine red lines. Regulated by customs.

c. European. OUH BE CAREFUL, THE WHITE MAN FAIT SON ENTREE SUR SCENE. Fair, sanguine, brawny; hair yellow, brown, flowing; eyes blues; gentle, acute, inventive. Covered with close vestments. Governed by laws.

d. Asiatic. Sooty, melancholy, rigid. Hair black; eyes dark; severe, haughty, covetous [OUAH]. Covered with loose garments. Governed by opinions.

e. African. Black, phlegmatic, relaxed. Hair black, frizzled; skin silky; nose flat, lips tumid; crafty, indolent, negligent. Annoints himself with grease [Khoikhoi and Bushmen]. Governed by caprice [Mama].

1)What kind of stick do you think Burke had in his bottom when he wrote this fascinating piece of work? This question is very tricky.
2) What would be the definition of the Creole man? Write your answer in 5 lines only.
3) why did Burke write such piece of shit? Try to find affinities between intellect and constipation.