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Koman i le ti zoreil pei? message no.2
De : Cisia
Email :
Pays : Chez les Romains
Date : 29 Aug 2000

Bloody hell man, don't want to be rude but i've just lost the message i was writing! and this because of you! (Partly) my Italian friends got excited when they saw your picture. and they made a fuss and i lost the screen. I was expecting to see a big creole, though i knew you might be a big zoreil since you never wrote in Creole. And this assertiveness that the French culture has been polishing: by the way, this is a French expression 'dorer la pillule' in case you did not notice. And this way of trying to analyse every single thing! Man! Did you read my last messages, Madam konetou, la police ...? But it's for zoreils who would like to go to Reunion Island, this exotic place.

i fau pa cose angle 'tension madam la police le rescab' bobok a moin. donc oute WE te cool. Espece de sepakoue! Ici nou la guing in gro grain la plui, le ven te mete un ti peu, histoire pou mete la fre. Et le lundi, kan te pou alle carnival, mon kamarad te avek 40 degre de fievre. tou le mond la rest a ter. dand radio te pou di carnival i bate son plein, mi di whex.

Sinon sa mon e-mail address se le mem et mi nena rienk ene. Rescap ou la pa guign envoy message a cose computer te down resaman. mi te konten, domino deor, mi di whex extension mi sava gagner. cosa? computers are alright now. Pew!!
Pou le WE, mes copines italiennes i veu alle a londres. Mi kone pas pou Bristol. Bristol i di pa moin gran chose. A cose ou sava dan ce trou perdu? Mes band copines i kone pa rien dessu Bristol, peutet ma rale a zot.

Bon, sa se tun lon message. Mon pied la pou gele. ma la pa fini ma dissertation. eh gro coco kom ou nena la, ou guign pa cre keke chose dan l'ordinateur k i guing ecrire ma dissertation pou moin?